Bossie and Associates Pepper Sprayed At Mall In Mississippi…


After making a quick stop at a mall in Mississippi, Bossie and his crew caused a big commotion. According to hot new hip hop, “A clash with authorities ensued after the rapper unwittingly caused around 100 fans to gather around him at a Dillard’s department store at the Edgewater Mall in Biloxi, MS.” The security guard quickly tried to defuse the situation by commanding Boosie and his associates to leave the store. After the Bossie and his associates did not leave the security guard begin discharging his pepper spray in the direction of the group.

After being pepper sprayed Boosie and his associates excited the mall. Soon after a full brawl broke out with the same security guard and Boosie associates, including a Biloxi police officer. For more on this store visit the below link.

[Via Hot New Hip Hop]

-Creative Krew

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