Russian Bomber And Spy Planes Are Flying Close to The U.S. Coast For The First Time in Years….

russian bomberrussian bomber

By now everybody has read about the possibilities of a WW III. Well Russian Bombers and Spy planes has been spotted flying close to U.S. coast in Alaska. According to, “indeed, both CNN and Fox News are sounding slight alarms over this show of force, which has been taking place as close as 35 miles from U.S. shores. CNN reports that four such instances have occurred within four days; and a U.S. defense official confirmed that these sightings have included two Tu-95 Bear Bombers (which are long-range and nuclear-capable) and two IL-38 maritime patrol aircraft (i.e. spy planes). The aircraft never actually left international airspace, but a NORAD spokesperson stated that, on Thursday, they dispatched U.S. and Canadian Jets “to perform an intercept.” The U.S. Air force has not responded as of yet. Also as of right now these aircrafts are not deemed a military threat. But U.S. officials are taking this as a message from Russia. More to come as this store develops.

-Creative Krew


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