Study Revealed Most American Kids go days without eating any greens – relying on French Fries as vegetables source….


This something I wanted to bring to light. I was doing my daily search for articles that I think everybody would be interested in. This is what I ran across. According to for 90 percent of our kids French fries are their only constant vegetable and more that half of our babies aren’t getting breast milk. These stats come from the journal Pediatrics. They are being held up as concrete evidence that America needs to improve children’s nutrition.

Health researcher stated:

“We knew from previous studies that more work was needed to improve feeding habits in this age group.”

“We observed man of the same trends in our study: a substantial proportion of American infants are not breastfed, vegetable consumption is lower than desired, and consumption of sweetened beverages and sugary snacks is prevalent.”

Do you monitor your kids diets close? If so what diets or tips you recommend? leave a comment below.

-Creative Krew


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