North Korea Could be preparing an EMP Strike on the US…America, expert warns..


U.S. and North Korea conflict will not be resolved anytime soon. According to North Korea could be preparing an electromagnetic pulse strike on the US. Experts warned there are two satellites from North Korea already orbiting above America. The EMP strike would knock out all electrical systems which would have catastrophic results.

“Dr, Peter Vincent Pry, executive director of the Task Force on National and Homeland Security in America, warned that North Korea is positioning its satellites in a ‘nuclear missile age, cyber age version’ battleship diplomacy ‘so that they can always have one of them (satellites) very close to being over the United States or over the United States.”

Doctor Pry also stated that North Korea could have been inspired by a plan the USSR drew up to attack America with EMP during the Cold War and that a recent rocket launch test looked suspiciously like a EMP. More to come as the story develops.

-Create Krew



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