Charles Barkley was left Speechless during the airing of his new miniseries American Race….

So I don’t understand how this miniseries slipped past me. Everybody know Charles Barkley is known by his outspoken personality. Well his now pushing his new miniseries American Race in hopes this will start a conversation about race in America. His first guess Richard Spencer a neo-Nazi whose views about white privilege left Barkley speechless. According to in the past, Spencer has made outlandish, inflammatory comments, like suggesting white people should stop watching football because it makes them like people of color, which makes him the perfect guest for Barkley’s TNT miniseries.”

Barkley went on to ask Spencer do he believe in white privilege.

Spencer reply – “Yeah, white privilege is wonderful, I want to expand and deepen white privilege.”

Barkley was left stunned by Spencer’s response. Take a look at the clip above and let us know what you think in the comments below.

-Creative Krew



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