Legendary Producer David Foster Thinks Kanye West Is The Modern Day Bob Dylan



Kanye West has been telling the world he’s a genius for well over a decade now. One person who agrees with him is legendary music producer David Foster. Foster was out and about in L.A. last night when some TMZ reporter caught up with him and asked him what he thought about Yeezy holing up in Wyoming to work on his next album. Foster didn’t skip a beat in his assessment of The Life Of Pablo rapper. “I think Kanye is a genius,” he asserted. “I think he’s like a modern-day [Bob] Dylan,” he added.

Foster knows a little something about genius. The man has worked hand in hand with some of the biggest, brightest names that the music industry has ever seen, including Whitney Houston, Mary J. Blige, Brandy, Barbara Streisand, and Andrea Bocelli to name a select few. He’s won 16 Grammys, but has been nominated a jaw-dropping 47 times.

While Yeezy might agree with Foster’s assessment of him as a genius, he might take a little bit of umbrage with the comparison. Bob Dylan is great and everything, but if you’re going to compare him to an all-timer, he’d prefer it be the “King of Pop,” Michael Jackson, which alluded to in his song “Saint Pablo,” in which he called himself a “Modern day MJ with an Off The Wall flow.”


Read full article here: http://uproxx.com/realtalk/kanye-west-bob-dylan-comparison/



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