EXCLUSIVE – Aaron Hernandez’s fiancée reveals her doubts about his suicide: She tells Dr Phil his final note was ‘a little odd’ and claims that the handwriting could have been ‘easily duplicated’


Shayanna Jenkins Hernandez opened up to Dr Phil on why she thinks the suicide note left to her by Aaron Hernandez might be fake and how she doubts he took his own life. Shayanna said that while she thought ‘it was a note of love’, the way he addressed her as ‘Shay’ in his final letter was unusual. She added that the handwriting was similar to that of her fiance’s but pointed out it could have easily been duplicated. The interview with Dr Phil, which will in two parts on Monday and Tuesday, is the first time Shayanna has spoken publicly since the former NFL star was found hanging in his jail cell the morning of April 19.

Read more here: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4506118/Aaron-Hernandez-s-fianc-e-reveals-doubts-suicide.html


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