“Bury Me A G.” Collaborator Natasha Walker Sues Tupac’s Estate for Upaid Royalties…


“Bury Me A G” a popular song from one of the greatest hip hop legends Tupac was released about 20 years ago. His estate is now being sued for unpaid royalties by Natasha Walker a collaborator with Tupac on the “Bury Me A G” song. According to TMZ, Walker claims she and Tupac made a deal in 1993 that the song would be a joint effort and she’d have equal ownership. But Natasha has not received a payment since the release of the song 20 years ago. My question for Natasha is why you waited so long and is it too late? TMZ also stated its currently 2017 and the statute of limitations for contract claims in California is four years. Something to think as this story plays out. I will keep you up to date.

Do you guys think Natasha will receive a check? Let us know in the comment below.

[Via HotNewHipHop.com]

-Creative Krew

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