Senate Bill Collapse Obamacare here to stay for now…

Trump warns Kim Jong-Un to behave

First off happy Tuesday. To all of our loyal followers we will not update on Mondays anymore why because I hate Mondays. Ok moving right along, this morning Donald Trump pledged that the nation will eventually have a working substitute to replace Obamacare system, hours after the Republicans senators withdrew from current replacement plan.

“We were let down by all of the Democrats and a few Republicans,” tweeted by the president.

Trump has stated during his campaigns that the national medical insurance scheme left in place by the Obama will eventually fail on its own as cost spiral and insures pull out of marketplace.

President Trump also decided the most workable approach would be either to repeal the law or allow the status quo to crumble – with both resulting in Congress working on something new. What do you guys thing about the future of Obamacare? Leave a comment below.

-Creative Krew


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