Cardi B don’t want any problems with Nick Minaj….

First I would like to welcome myself back. We over a took some much needed time off. Now we are back with a new look and more content. Starting with the up and coming female artist Cardi B. By now I’m sure all of you heard of her new single thats topping the charts “Bodak Yellow”. Latley fans have been going crazy about Cardi  B beef with Nicki Minaj. Well here is what Cardi B had to say about the situation,”I don’t really want problems with anybody. I don’t wanna be like queen I don’t wanna be no this, I dont wanna be no that. I just wanna make music and make money. I don’t really have time to look at other women, what they doing. I’m myself. You know what I’m saying? Nobody got problems with me, I don’t got a problem with them. Somebody got a problem with me, I don’t really gotta do that whole industry beef. I get it poppin with these hands.”

Check out the video below an let us know what you think about Cardi B response.

-Creative Krew


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