Pablo Escobar’s Son Warns Narcos Filmmakers “Story lines Can Cause Real Life Conflicts Among Cartels.”

es son1

By now I know you all have watch Narcos on Netflix. This is one of my favorite shows. After doing some much needed reading this morning I came across article about the recent killing of Narcos filmmakers scout who was killed while scouting for scenes. Carlos Munoz Portal was found shot dead in his car on September 11 near the border of Hidalgo State in central Mexico while scouting for locations. Officials are saying that there is now even more drug trafficking and corruption and that Netflix should be more responsible. Pablo Escobar’s son stated “The drug dealers in Cali are watching Narcos and they don’t like it. They don’t like their names and their cities being used to tell things that aren’t true. By telling the story wrong, it can lead to conflicts in real life.” What do you guys think about Pablo Escobar’s Son statement? Leave comment below.

-Creative Krew


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