Largest Black Lives Matter Facebook page Fake…

BLM fake fb.jpg


According media outlets the official Black Lives Matter FB page with over 300,000 likes is a fake ran by white men in Australia. According CNN donations up to $100,000 was donated to the fake page. Supporters of the Black Lives Matter movement believed they were supporting a good cause but it was the exact opposite. The Money was transferred to Australian bank accounts.

CNN also reached out to both Paypal and Patreon who was connected to the page were suspended. New outlets also stated “Only after almost a week of emails and calls between CNN and FB about the fake page FB thne suspended the page, and only because it had suspended a user account that administrated the page.”

a users called Ian Mackay is said to have connection to the fake page. Mackay and one other man is now being investigated for the scandal. CNN found that Macky was connected to other pages and sites that alluded to supporting racial inequality falsely.

My advice to all be sure to do you own research before support these groups. More to come as this story develops.

-Creative Krew


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